Tips To Keep Your Jogging Stroller Humming Safely On The Road


Strollers are perfect conveniences to have not only for your baby but for you. They help you carry the baby along during errands and days out using the least effort. Finding such products should never be a daunting task especially since there are many in the market. In recent years, jogging strollers have become quite popular as you can use them to take your baby out on jogs and runs.

Safety should always take precedence over comfort, but practically speaking, it is important to have both. As a parent, it can be a little overwhelming to find something that is both safe and enjoyable for your child to ride in. With a little attention to detail, it is possible to have a worry-free workout while keeping everyone protected while have a fun outdoor expedition.

Key Safety Aspects

Modern running stroller manufacturers know how important safety is for parents and put much effort into integrating features to enhance this aspect of the product. Some of the things to look for when seeking the best jogging stroller for your family include the following;

  • Remodeled three wheels – Your typical four wheel stroller should never be used for jogging and running. It is not designed to suite such needs and will easily topple off balance without much force. They should not be used for this purpose. Instead, use the remodeled 3-wheel stroller that offers more stability and grounding for your baby. The design and balance achieved from three wheels makes it ideal for racing and jogging.
  • Connected handlebar tether– Safe jogging strollers come with a safety wrist strap attached to the stroller’s handlebar. Make sure to use that wristband and always tie it around your hand when on the move, particularly when moving downhill. Strollers will quickly pick up speed moving downhill and may just slip out of your grasp if you were running. Using the safety wristband will ensure that stroller is constantly kept within your grasp thus protecting your baby from accidents.
  • Wheel locks – Most jogging strollers come with a lever that you just need to flip to lock the wheels. These levers must be flipped every time you are not controlling the stroller (before and after running). Strollers are specifically designed to allow smooth effortless glide and will take off at any slight gradient when the surface is not level. If you have no wristband cuffed on you and are not holding the handlebar, then the wheel locking lever should be in action.

There are other minor safety features you may find in jogging strollers although most are just hyped up examples. The above 3 features form your core safety requirements.

Personal Responsibility

While the safety features may help you prevent various accidents, it is your personal responsibility that will keep your baby safe. Choosing safe routes, assessing the weather forecast, avoiding danger by remaining over-vigilant during your outings are very important aspects of keeping your baby safe.

Ensure the stroller is kept at optimum working conditions by performing regular maintenance and inspections. Check the tires before each run and inspect the levers, handle, carrying compartment and wristband. Look for squeaky sounds and remember to lubricate the joints. By maintaining your stroller, you are ensuring you and your baby are safe and protected from a mechanical point of view.

It is also very important to assess your jogging form and habits. If you are keeping one hand on the handlebar while the other is pumping, remember to alternate the hands after every 5 minutes. If you have a wide (double size) stroller, it may be wise to keep both hands on the handle bar. Avoid leaning on the stroller even when you are tired. By trying to use the stroller for support, you are increasing the risk of toppling.

If it sparks your interest, you can sign up for stroller racing classes and competitions. There are several websites that allow parents to sign up for stroller racing classes and competitions. These platforms will equip you with insights and more ways to protect your baby and remain safe on the road.

Happy Running

These are just some of the safety precautions you should keep in mind while out running with your little one. As a parent, nothing is as important as protecting your baby and keeping them safe. Jogging strollers offer a chance to show your baby new things during your exercises and also creates a bond with them yet even this should not cloud your protective instincts. Choose strollers specifically made for jogging and always keep an eye on everything around you. If you park your stroller somewhere, remember to perform checks before starting the race again.

Nothing Sounds Better While Driving Than A Sleeping Baby


I used to love jamming out to my favorite tunes on the radio while cruising down the street. Now that I am older I can tell you that nothing competes with the sound that our child makes while it is snoozing in the back seat. Getting the right child seat really does make a world of difference so if you are in the market and shopping around for something that is both safe and comfortable then this might be useful.

The wife and I had plenty of sleepless nights before our little one was born researching just what kind of seat we should buy. There are not only various types, but there also so many different models to choose from. It was a little overwhelming, but we plowed through it all and found something that we are all happy with. With all of our worries, we thought we would help other soon-to-be parents who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Various Types of Car Seats

This is what really threw us for a loop at first. With infant, booster, and convertible car seats out there, we first had to figure out which type of child car seat would be best for our family.

Infant Seats

These are just what they sound like. They are for newborns and small babies. They offer the needed head and neck support that young children need. They are also lighter weight and easier to get in and out of the car. Another big advantage of these is that a lot of infant seats are stroller compatible, meaning the seat can just snap into a baby stroller without having to remove the child. The drawback of these types of seats is that they are only designed for the first couple of years of your child’s life, at most. Once they get too big, or too tall, you must switch to a convertible car seat for proper protection. Since we did really want to end up getting two different seats we decided to forego this option despite the added convenience it offered.

Convertible Car Seats

We quickly found out that these are the most popular child safety seats for parents. They are designed to handle small babies from 5 lbs and they can be used for toddlers generally up to 65 lbs. They are called “convertible” seats because you start off using the seat in the rear-facing direction for smaller children and once they are big enough you switch the seat around to forward-facing. The ability to have to buy only one seat for the first several years of our child’s life made the most economical sense for us and this is the route we took.

Once got a grip on which type of seat that we needed everything came more into focus. We could then decide on the budget, features, and style of the seat that we wanted for our child. This part was actually a lot of fun, but it also took a little extra time. We searched online to find the best options and read through all of the current convertible child seat reviews to find one that appealed to both parents and fit within our price range.

Booster Seats

This is something that we do not need right now, but it is something that we will have to eventually buy. This type of car seat is the last transition between having them ride in a convertible car seat and using the vehicles own seat belt. It all depends on the size of your child. But this is something that we can save for a later day.

Brand Name Convertible Car Seats

After we knew that this is the type of seat that we were going to get it was time to narrow down our choices. Britax, Graco, Peg Perego, Evenflo, and Chicco are some of the most popular brands. Getting a well known name was important to us since we wanted a car seat with a solid reputation and we wanted to buy it from a reputable outlet. In case you were curious we decided to go with a Graco convertible car seat. It fit our budgetary needs but it did not skimp on safety and comfort. If money were not an object we probably would have gone with a Peg Perego as those child safety seats seem really nice and comfortable.

In the end we found something that we were extremely happy with, but we still had to wait to see how little girl would respond to riding in it. This is why the sound of a sleeping baby is so precious to us. It let us know that we actually made the right choice and we could not be happier with the seat that we got. The good news is there are a lot of solid, high quality car seats available no matter what your budget. With a little time and effort you can hopefully find something that you are extremely satisfied with like we did.