Why Carrots Are The Perfect Ingredient For Your Juicing Regimen

Carrot juice benefits

Carrots are among the most widely used vegetables across the world because they are quite versatile in several cultural cuisines and dishes. Carrots are root vegetables rich in valuable nutrition and have a healing power, especially when juiced. From relieving congestion, improving blood health, balancing blood sugar, cleansing the kidneys and fighting inflammation to fighting Leukemia, protecting eyesight and brain function, health benefits of carrot juice can help almost every part of your body.

In our last post we covered the advantages of Omega juicing machines, now we are going to give you a reason to use one of these in your kitchen.  Both centrifugal and masticating juicers are able to handle carrots with ease and deliver all of the nutritious goodness that they contain. Below are just some of the ways in which carrots can give your health a much needed boost.

1. Rich Source of Antioxidants (Beta-Carotene)

Carrots contain carotenoids – potent antioxidants, which can help lower the risk of various forms of serious chronic diseases and temporary illness. Juice made from carrots can therefore benefit your immune system by defending your body from harmful bacteria, inflammation, viruses and free radical damage. These carotenoids include zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C. this means that these root vegetables are one of the natural sources of antioxidant beta-carotene and carotenoid phytochemicals – both of which fight various cancers by hindering DNA damage, cell mutation and levels of inflammation.

2. Helps Protect Against the Risk of Cancer

According to researchers, consuming high amount of carotenoids from vegetables and fruits can help prevent a number of cancer risks and recurrence. Carrots are rich in these antioxidants that help to fight leukemia cells and play an important role in reducing the risk of various types of cancers – including breast and ovarian cancer. The study has also shown that women with breast cancer history who consume an average of eight ounces of carrot juice daily can reduce the recurrence and risk of cancer. The studies also show that consuming fresh carrot juice daily can benefit defenses of your body against cancer and it is also an effective way to boosting the levels of antioxidant carotenoids in your blood. As a result, this will help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress – both of which help prevent cancer growth.

3. Immune Booster

Carrot juice contains a number of antibacterial and antiseptic abilities, which make it ideal to boost the immune system. Additionally, this juice is a good source of vitamin C that stimulates the activities of white blood cells. Vitamin C is also one of the most crucial elements in the immune system.

4. Helps Reduce Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

Carrot juice also helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, especially in women. According to research, drinking this juice can benefit heart health by reducing oxidative stress. It also improves your body’s defense against various types of cardiovascular disease. This is because fresh carrots have high antioxidant content. Carrots also help to reduce cholesterol levels, and boost bile production that increases the ability of your body to digest fat. This helps the digestive system to effectively absorb nutrition from the food and directly affects the good cholesterol levels in the body – hence protecting your heart.

5. Protects Eye Health

The most important nutrients – zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein – within carrot juice greatly help protect eye health. For instance, without beta-carotene, which is a form of vitamin A, several different forms of eye disorders and diseases can occur, including blindness and macular degeneration. Meanwhile, zeaxanthin and lutein can both work to decrease the risks of age-related vision loss. Just a glass of carrot juice can provide 400% of vitamin A that your body needs. Generally, carrots are rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A), which is one of the most important nutrients necessary to protect vision and eye health. Vitamin A deficiency can result in early night blindness that may even lead to permanent blindness. In fact, lack of vitamin A is one of the top causes of preventable blindness in the world. Carrots also helps lower the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts – a common cause of vision loss as someone ages. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help you maintain healthy vision and eyes in your entire life.

6. Boosts Wound Healing and Skin Health

Beta-carotene found in carrots is very critical curing any type of wound on the skin. For centuries, carrots have been used an effective poultice to help cure wounds because of their high beta-carotene content. If you have any kind of skin infection, wounds, or other cuts, you will find that carrot juice can greatly benefit your skin health by simply increasing your body’s ability to heal wounds and cuts faster and most importantly to fight skin infections.

Don’t Overdo It

Believe it or not, drinking too much carrot juice can turn your skin orange so it is important not to consume too much.  This root vegetable can still be enjoyed daily on its own or as part of your favorite juicing recipes, like the one below.