Secret Audio Club Proudly Presents Marathon

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Originally released by our friends at ReIgnition recordings in 2005. 

"When I was 16 my friend Greg took me to my first punk show in a lodge to see a band called Marathon. If I had never attended that show, we wouldn't be releasing records today. End of story." - Kyle / Secret Audio Club

4.5/5 "The vocal talents of Aaron Scott must be experienced, and the band's hit-you-from-all-sides songwriting is just the kind of kick-in-the-crotch that makes one take pause." - Jordan / Pastepunk, Review  

"This record was vitally inspirational to me. Simultaneously from my backyard and another planet, it made life seem fucking possible for once. There are still a few old message board trolls from Rochester who feel the incessant need to scream from a mountain top that Marathon is eons better than Polar Bear Club. I have never disagreed." Jimmy Stadt - Polar Bear Club

"Of all the the albums and all the songs that provided a soundtrack to my best times and my worst times; the times when I needed a pick-me-up and the times when I felt I could do no wrong; the times when I needed inspiration and the times when I was truly inspired; the times when I truly felt like punk rock and music could transcend my headphones, quell and stoke my rage, and help me change the world... this collection of songs by Marathon is at the pinnacle of that list. I was truly honored and thankful to be a part of the original creation of this collection of songs. And I am truly honored to see its rebirth." Ross Siegel - ReIgnition Recordings 

"In my humble opinion I would trade 100s of bands that play music today hand over fist to get to see Marathon play some shows again. The S/T Full Length is a record that is saturated with so much sweat, passion, and hopeful sadness. Connecting with me on so many different levels, songs like "Home Is Where the Van Is" speaks to anyone that has traveled or lived in a van, "Where We Hide" , "Jolly Roger", "Courting My Soul", and "Matchmaker Matchmaker" will all make you think about a moment in your life and reflect on those moments of despair, hope, and childhood wonder. This record has brought me to tears on many occasions due to pure joy and defiant loneliness. The music is catchy and dramatic where itneeds to be. If there is a band that has been active in the past 10 years that can come close to a modern day Bad Religion it would be Marathon. Sprinkle in some time signatures not unlike Propagandhi and you have the perfect reference point for Marathon.  It's very exciting to see the S/T get the Vinyl treatment, can't wait to see it in all of it's glory." Rory van Grol - Achilles/Soul Control

"There was a very lengthy period of time that if anyone asked me who my favorite band was, the answer was always Marathon. They were an absolutely pivotal catalyst for everything No Trigger did and created while first starting out." Tom Rheault - No Trigger


"I didn't have a lot of time with Marathon, but they’re an incredibly important band to me. I bought their S/T full-length about a year before they broke up, and I was immediately hooked. Their urgent delivery and no-bullshit approach to songwriting was really refreshing at the time—it was something I hadn't heard any band do nearly as well since getting into punk. I only saw them play once, at their final NJ show with my close friends (and a dude throwing glitter confetti). That cramped last show at 130 Hamilton was an event that continues to resonate with me, and it has become a personal benchmark I still use to judge punk shows today." Dave Frenson Banquets/Black Numbers

Pre-Order Friday at Noon